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Welcome to your way to the future Distant Learning

* Westmore Univewrsity And Arvard University are a leading International D. Learning and Training Universities from USA to the World!

* Westmore Univewrsity And Arvard University offer D. Learning and Training that meet your requirements.

* The Universities offers courses in most fields of study that meet international standards.

* Westmore Univewrsity And Arvard University are Accredited Universities for D. Learning.

Westmore Univewrsity And Arvard University offer:

- Career Development Diploma Programs.
- Career Progress Diploma Programs

Accreditation by DLIAU

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Westmore University

West Arvard University
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Assessment documents for evaluation purpose

The information entered here is confidential and will not be forwarded to any third party without the consent of the individual.

The assessment and evaluation is processed every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of every week.

Please fill the questionnaire carefully taking your time. Show your best skill in the subjects involved and especially the essay at the end of the questionnaire.

This will enable the professors who assess your credentials to give the right opinion about your assessment and thereby give you the best result.

We hope that you will be honestly evaluated for the degree you want, so be you the master of your own affairs, and use all the skills you have.

Thank you for applying to the:


West Arvard University

At Los Angelos


John Douglas
John Douglas   Ph.D.
The Dean of the University


The Westmore University And West Arvard University at Los Angelos, Each is classified as a Doctoral/ Research Extensive institution by the foundation of the Advancement of Teaching. Our students are taught by internationally know faculty who conduct a high level of research and creativity activity.

Our graduate program as a whole was ranked among the top 20% of graduate schools in the country, placing us alongside such programs as Cornell University, New York University, UC Berkeley and the University of New Mexico.

We offer programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts (majors in Art History and Studio Art); The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art; and the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design. Our graduate program offers a three year Master of Fine in ceramics, drawing, graphic design, media arts, painting, printmaking, and sculpture.

This is a guide to students who need awareness in selecting the field of their major and minor subjects.

We hope you will find the information you need in here. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if we can be of any additional assistance.

Paul Lee
Paul Lee Ph.D.
Director and Professor


If research can be broadly defined as expanding the knowledge base of a particular discipline, then the study and pursuit of visual arts exemplifies the spirit of such endeavor.

Central to any successful research project, may it be in the visual arts or in the sciences, is the creative engagement of the intellect. The process of art making and the study of its history at its core is the recognition of this creative energy.

The faculty in Studio Art and Art History actively engage in research: whether it is about a new ceramic casting technique so more organic forms can be realized in clay multiplies, or a new way to understand urban planning in Rome during ancient age.

The faculties continue to contribute to the knowledge bases in their fields through their research


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